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2020年第三季度,FEV将在桑德尔斯多夫-布雷纳完成乘用车和商用车高压电池开发和测试中心(eDLP)的调试工作。In the third quarter of 2020, FEV will finalize

In the third quarter of 2020, FEV will finalize the commissioning of development and the test center (eDLP) for high-voltage batteries for passenger and commercial vehicles at the Sandersdorf-Brehna location.

Due to the steadily increasing demand for high-voltage battery tests in recent years, the FEV Group decided in 2019 to set up another test facility where all development and validation tests required by the industry could be carried out under one roof. That is how the company came to begin building the world's largest and most modern test center for various types of battery modules and high-voltage batteries.

The development center (eDLP), which is located in the triangle between Halle, Dessau and Leipzig. Almost all types of electrical tests ( both performance and endurance), environmental, mechanical, safety and abuse tests will be offered in approximately 12,000 m² of building space.

Here, FEV covers the following phases of series development in the automotive industry:

1. 原型:在概念初期阶段进行电池样件评估;
1. Prototype: evaluation of sample batteries in the early concept phase;

2. 设计验证:初始样件验证;
2. Design validation: validation of initial design samples;

3. 产品验证:产品设计定型,异常问题定位;
3. Product validation: creation of final product design, final anomalies are identified;

4. 认证:确认量产状态,实施最终的认证。
4. Homologation: series status is /confirm/ied, final homologation is carried out. 
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